Zaftig 2017-2018


zaftig flight

Score: 9

Award: Biggest Beer (my ranking: #6)

Atmosphere: 2.  I had a great experience at Zaftig – this being my second time there, and having a much better idea of what to expect.  And things have improved nicely since I was first there a year ago.  They had a nice buzz, full bar, and apparently a pretty regular food truck scene.  All of those are great.  I still contend the lighting is harsh, and something needs to happen with those gray walls.  If this place had warmer lighting – retro incandescent Edison bulbs – and an industrial brick look, it could easily be one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to.  And the picnic tables do need to go.

Beer: 3 – Just EXCELLENT beer.  I have yet to have anything here I don’t like.  And they brew BIG beers – lots in the 9-10% range, and they are fantastic.  In addition to the heavy malty varieties, I was also really impressed with what they are doing with IPA’s.  The Three Socks is a stellar, super-resiny, smooth IPA.  Juicy Lucy is outstanding – citrusy, piney, juicy.  They had a New England IPA – Hazy Miss Daisy that was excellent – piney and smooth.  And they also had a collaboration IPA that was solid.  4 for 4 – I’ve never been in a craft brewery that had 4 IPA’s and I’ve liked them all.  The beer here is amazing, it really is.  Best Big Beer in Columbus – by a long shot.

Service: 3 – On my first visit, I was really disappointed with the service; that’s now been rectified.  There were two servers working, and both were attentive, and it was fairly busy.  They knew the beer, and they knew how to strike the right balance between chatting it up and getting things done.  Service was great.

Would I go back? +1.  ABSOLUTELY.  The beer alone would bring me back (and did)  – it’s that good.  But now the service is solid, and I had the happy realization that it’s less than 15 minutes from work.  Perfect way to unwind after a tough day.

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