Three Tigers 2017-2018


Again, this was to be my final stop on the Ale Trail.  And in the driving from the Actual to Buckeye to Homestead to here, I had decided I could and would slap an Actual Brewing sticker into my Ale trail passport book, and that would count.  Hey, I was at Actual when they said they’d be open.  I was there, they weren’t; I’m justified to use the sticker.  And I was looking forward to Three Tigers.  I’ve heard so many good things.  And I was hungry, and I heard their food is great, so all systems are go.  Drove into Granville, and parked on the main drag, around the corner from Three Tigers.  We walked toward Three Tigers.  Odd, all the parking spots were empty.  As we got closer, I spied a piece of paper on the door.  Oh shit.  Sure enough, “We closed at 1 pm today to take our team to a Clippers game.”  EFFFFFF.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY!?  What was supposed to be a fantastic finish to an Ale Trail adventure had fully devolved into a comedy of errors.  2 for 4 this day, and really only 1 for 4 as Homestead was the only stop we enjoyed.  So now I have to hit Three Tigers again.  And I’m a little grumpy about that.  That will likely be reflected in their scores.  More to come…


three tigers flight

Score: 6

Award: Comedy of Errors – part 2 (my ranking: #19)

Atmosphere: 2.  Approximately 48 hours later, I made the trip back to Granville, back to Three Tigers.  It’s nice inside, and it fits right in with Granville.  It’s a cool place, and has a good look.  The tap handles are cool (bent iron for Three Tigers, and old weathered wood for guest taps).  They have some tables and seating at the bear.  Their sister restaurant is right next store and connected.  Parking is a challenge though.

Beer: 2.  They had a GREAT Tuesday special – flight of 4 for $5.  They had six of their own on tap and 6 guest taps.  I selected their Koln Kolsch, Morning ride with a Zombie American Pale, My Two Cents IPA, and their Beligian Dubbel (which was 9%!).   All were true to style.  The Pale and the IPA were a little clunky, but decently balanced in my opinion.  The Dubbel was quite good – the standout of the visit.  Very smooth, very Belgian, very complex.

Service: 2.  Service was OK.  I was pretty much the only one there.  The distribution rep was also there and the bartender was chatting him up about some music festival.  I presented my book to stamped – said it was my last stamp to collect and there wasn’t any real acknowledgement.  Last year, when my last stop was at Homestead, they were absolutely celebrating with me, and even presented me with another pour.  Maybe I’m being petty.  And admittedly, I’m still grumpy about having to make two trips.

Would I go back? – I wouldn’t – it’s a jaunt for me, and I already went twice ;-).  That being said, and my personal biases aside, this really is a cool place.  Anyone living close to Granville should enjoy it.  If I lived here, I’d absolutely be a regular.


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