Temperance Row 2017-2018


Score: 6

Award: best 2-in-1, (my ranking: #20)

Atmosphere: 2.  Temperance Row is nicely done, albeit a bit schizophrenic.  It is, in fact, “Temperance Row – Uptown Deli.”  The deli part is like a deli – glass covered meat case and all.  The brew pub is a very well-done brew pub.  The fact that the 2 are meshed together may feel a bit odd, but it works.

Beer: 2.  The beer is decent. It’s not super adventurous, but what  they brew, they brew well.  The Scotch Ale is my go-to at Temperance.  It’s very well balanced and very well done.  In fact, I’d even go so far to say it’s the best Scotch Ale on the Trail.

Service: 2.  Service is decent – nothing disappointing nor wow-worthy either.

Would I go back? Maybe.  If I were in Westerville, and had some time, I might swing by.

temp row 2017

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