Staas 2017-2018


1 – Staas Brewing in Delaware


Award: – PERFECT 10!  (my ranking -#1)

Atmosphere = 3.  Same disclaimer as last year– I live in Delaware, and Staas is close.  The proximity makes this an easy favorite. Located in downtown Delaware, this is a true neighborhood pub where everybody knows your name.  It’s very comfortable and very tastefully done.  Seating is limited, and it’s almost always full.  There are a few tables outside – great for the warmer months.  They serve no food, but they do host several different food trucks, and there are great restaurants near by (Amato’s pizza and Typhoon sushi are both great picks.)  Liz and Donald Staas own the place and they know everyone by name.  They are one of the nicest couples you’ll ever meet, and they have a true passion for brewing that shines through.

Beer  = 3.  They specialize in Belgian and English styles, and they have some unique styles that also show up (including a Spruce Tip Ale).  The “house ale” is an English Pale Ale which they serve on beer engine.  Their English styles are good.  Their Belgians continue to be the very best I’ve ever had.  The Belgian Golden Strong ale is simply phenomenal and in my top 5 of beers ever.   They also have a Belgian Quad that is truly special – also in my top 5.  I haven’t had another quad that even comes close.  Their Saison is stellar, and their Wit is the best Wit I’ve had.

Service = 3.  The service is always excellent.  I will always hope for expanded hours too.  🙂  But I also get the fact that the scarcity is part of the appeal.

Would I go back?  Oh yes!  = +1.

staas 2017

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