Smokehouse 2017-2018


Score: 9

Award: Redemption (my ranking: #8)

Atmosphere: 2 – solid atmosphere, definitely feels like a brewpub.  The façade on the long “front” of the building looks quite nice and contemporary, but the entrance on the side feels a tad dated.  Once inside, however, all of this fades away, and it feels comfortable.

Beer: 3 – Smokehouse absolutely redeemed themselves for me from last year.  I enjoyed a really nice flight that I let the bartender pick.  Two of the beers were their “Common House” beers (their B Corps label that  donates some proceeds to charity), and the other two were Smokehouse.  All four were good and quite enjoyable.  We also had some great food (loaded “Totchos” – tater tots – delicious).

Service: 3 – Service was good, and seemed even better having just left Knotty Pine.

Would I go back? +1 – I’ll be back to this place for sure.


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