Rockmill Tavern 2017-2018

Score: 9

Award: Best Brunch (tie), (my ranking: #3)

Atmosphere: 3 – Really, really cool.  Fantastically well done place that is a perfect “city cousin” to the “countryside” Rockmill Brewery.  Enjoyed an absolutely stellar brunch – the “chaquilles” was/were OUTSTANDING, as was the breakfast biscuit.  Both dishes were in  the $12-$15 range and when first delivered to us, I thought, hmmm that’s expensive.  Then I took a bite.  It’s a bargain – worth every penny.

Beer: 3 – One of very favorites is the cask aged noir, and I’d heard a rumor that it was being discontinued.  I inquired, and was so happy to hear that they are not done with the cask aged noir; it will just take about a year for it to be ready.  So it won’t be readily available in bottles, but the Tavern expects to have it on hand.  Fantastic – crisis averted.  I savored a glass of that.

Service: 2.  We sat at the bar, and there were 2 bartenders… one who thoroughly acted like he was too good for us, and the other who was quite congenial.

Would I go back? +1, yes I’ll absolutely be back here.  Rockmill Brewery and Rockmill Tavern are probably the only 2 same-ish stops on the Trail that make sense to deserve a double stop.  While they serve the same beer, they are really different experiences, and they are both excellent.  rockmilltavern-1

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