Platform Brewing 2017-2018

platform logo

Score: 5

Award: Best Fruit Beer, (my ranking: #26)

Atmosphere: 2 – It’s a cool-looking place, industrial and hip, fairly open, true to their Cleveland roots I would imagine.

Beer: 2 – Beers were OK, the raspberry infused Berliner Weisse being the standout on this very hot and humid day.  There was a blueberry one that was pretty good too.  I’m not normally a fruit beer guy, but both of these were good, again, on a very hot and humid day.

Service: 1 – Pretty meh.  Lacking.  We sat at a table and after several minutes of being ignored, we decided to go to the bar.  Again, felt like we were ignored, and then the server caught the “Epic Brewing” logo on my shirt and was instantly on top of it, as he asked me about working for Epic.   I explained I don’t, I’m just a fan.  They had a pop-up kitchen thing going on, and that was confusing.  Confusing because we were waiting to be served drinks and there were 2 people seemingly working here just ignoring us – just shootin the shit.  I realized later they were “pop-up” kitchen employees.  From a service standpoint, that’s a risk I think, and business owners will want to be aware.

Would I go back? I wouldn’t.  Nothing there really grabbed me.


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