Pigskin 2017-2018


Score: 5

Award: Best Football theme, (my ranking: #28)

Atmosphere: 1 – Not a lot changed from a year ago.  Still very football themed and geared for a youthful crowd.  And that formula should work for them.  They also have a decent food menu that seemed typical of a beer-themed sports bar.  I didn’t order any food, but I liked the option.  As much as I try to keep my reviews positive, however, I have to say that blasting some god-awful aggressive music with “F— this and F—- that” was too much for me.  Not that I’m a prude – I use that word myself – a lot.  But it just didn’t fit the scene of trying to kick back and relax and enjoy a flight of craft beer.  Pretty rough.  And parking is a pain.

Beer: 2 – beer was decent.  Nothing that blew me away, but nothing I really disliked either.

Service: 2 – Service is OK.  I realize I’m not their target market.  They didn’t leave me hanging, so that was good.

Would I go back? I’m not planning it.  (But the way the Ale Trail creators operate… who knows what clever inducement they will come up with that has me venturing that way again…)

pigskin 2017

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