North High 2017-2018

North High 1

Score: 9

Award: Best Tour, (my ranking: #7)

Atmosphere: 3 – I always enjoy North High.  And North High maintains a special place for me because it was the first brewery I toured in Ohio, and it was also the first place I brewed beer.  The atmosphere has a great vibe – it’s an old post office, and it’s just cool.  You can also brew your own beer at North High which is something I highly encourage everyone to try.

Beer: 2 – I had a flight and enjoyed most of them.  North High does some great stuff, their Stardust to Stardust being my current favorite.

Service: 3 – Service has always been great.  And their people know their beer and they always serve to educate me a little bit.

Would I go back? +1.  I’ll be back.  I’ll always wish parking were easier, but I’ll still be back.  (I’ve heard that the Kroger lot across the street is also for the surrounding merchants, so that makes it much easier!)


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