Grove City Brewing Company 2017-2018

Grove city logo

Score: 5

Award: Best Pretzel, (my ranking: #27)

Atmosphere: 2 – well done Industrial look and feel.    Decent menu with appropriate pub fare.  Siri was a little confused getting us there, and in hind sight, their sign on the main drag is pretty hard to miss.  If I’d have been looking for that instead of listening to Siri, I’d have spotted it easily.  The food was tasty.  I had “Poutine” and thought it was quite good.  My son got a pretzel bigger than his head, and it was also quite good.

Beer: 2 – Had a decent flight.  Had read on Yelp about a “butterscotch red” which I do think was playing on a diacetyl mistake, yet was surprisingly drinkable.  I wouldn’t knock down pints of it, but it was a nice addition to a flight – it was just interesting.

Service: 1- Slightly irked that the brewers and staff weren’t more engaged with the customers.  Our personal server wasn’t bad, but the brewers and other staff were just chatting it up with one another.  I  would have loved to have talked beer with one of the brewers.

Would I go back?  Not likely, but only because it’s definitely off the beaten path for me. But I’m glad to see new places popping up.  Anyone living in the Grove City area who likes craft beer should love this place.


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