Gordon Biersch 2017-2018


Score: 5

Award: Best CBJ pre-game, (my ranking: #31)

Atmosphere: 1.  I realize the 1 is an unfair score in many respects.  And it’s not a bad atmosphere.  The thought is that a mega-brewer like Gordon Biersch (or Hofbrauhaus) belongs on a local Ale Trail, and so that is being reflected here in this score.  People who like big chain restaurants will like the atmosphere here.

Beer: 2.  Traditional German lager styles.  And they’re well done.  If you love the crisp German lager, you’ll love Gordon Biersch’s offerings.

Service: 2.  The service was OK.  It’s been hit and miss service with Gordon Biersch.  Last year, it was really good – definitely the highlight of the visit.  This year, it was lacking.  Our server seemed, tired and annoyed.  And maybe he was.  But that probably shouldn’t be this paying customer’s problem.

Would I go back? -Not planning to.


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