Four String 2017-2018


Score: 6

Award: $2 can feels like a STEAL! (my ranking: #18)

Atmosphere: 2 – Solid atmosphere – I like how they’ve reconfigured the space from when they used to Brew here.  There is good seating and parking is easy.

Beer: 2 – Decent this time, but last time impressed me more – mainly because of the barrel-aged motorbreath stout which wasn’t available this time.  I had an APA, and it was OK.  My wife had the Vanilla Porter in a can (just $2 which felt like a steal) and that was really, really good.

Service: 2 – service was decent.  I was elated they were willing to double-stamp my passport to save me a trip to the production facility; I’ll go on record again saying I resent having to go to the same-ish spots twice.

Would I go back? Not likely to make a special trip.


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