Elevator 2017-2018


Score: 2

Award: Furthest Departure from the Original, (my ranking: #37, dead last)

Atmosphere: 0.  Awful.  Positively awful.  Again, I try really hard to focus on the positive – I try REALLY HARD.  I was disappointed with this location last year because it is kind of dumpy.  This year, it was even worse, and honestly smelled like sewage.  It was filthy; it was disgusting.  We walked in and I caught a smell of something, and I just assumed we had walked by a trash can outside… hot day, smelly trash.  The smell was even worse inside, and after a few minutes, I realized it was the taproom we were smelling.  Clearly there was something wrong with their bathroom – and we were literally smelling sewage.  Just nasty.

Beer: 1 – I had a flight of 4 (raspberry wheat, hefeweizen, red ale, and a mocha plum stout).  I ordered a flight because I wanted to give Elevator a better chance than I did last year (when I ordered just one).  I wanted to spend some time and really taste each one.  And the beers were better than anything I’ve had at Elevator previously, but the smell of the location made it impossible to enjoy them – thus the “1” score.  I drank them as quickly as I could so we could leave.

Service: 1 – Not that the service was truly bad, but the smell of the place pretty much overruled everything else, and as the sole employee of the place, I had to wonder why he wasn’t trying to get the sewage issue resolved somehow, some way.  And maybe he was.  I certainly hope so.

Would I go back? – NO.   And I won’t.  Even if there is an Ale Trail next year, I’ll find some way to get around this. This location is AWFUL.

Elevator people – listen up please… this place, this trashy, shitty location is COMPLETELY beneath you.  The Elevator restaurant is such a cool place – so much character and really good food.  This “tap room” experiment is an utter failure, and it’s hurting your reputation.  Shut this place down.  I’m sorry to be so harsh, but this is honestly one of the most horrid places I’ve ever been to. 

Elevator Restaurant – was able to get stamped at Elevator taproom  (about the only positive of the entire visit)

elevator 2017

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