Columbus Ale Trail 2017-2018

Purpose: Columbus Ale Trail  – Congrats – you did it to me again.  After cruising all over central Ohio for the last 12 months so I could score a pint glass and a deck of cards, I had decided to sit out the next round – I have plenty of pint glasses.  But you changed it up this year… tasting glasses… 5 of them, and a reclaimed wood tray if I complete the 37 stops on the new trail.  YEAH I’M GONNA HAVE TO DO THAT.

Like last round, I’ll document the experience here again.  Those who have read through last year’s “review” will find the same methodology.  The intent is to hit all of the participating breweries.  Again, this is purely one person’s experience, and thus, subject to their own preferences, tastes, etc.

Scoring: The scale has 3 categories: beer, atmosphere, and service.  Each category is scored 0-3, and there is another point available if I know I would go back, so the maximum score is ten points.

The “Atmosphere” category… Do I like the place?  Is it what I think a craft tasting room should be?  There are lots of great places that loads of people will love, but they may not score as well for me.  Again, this is just one person’s humble opinions.

For the “Beer” category, the variety of the beer offered is considered as well as the quality.  Essentially, trying to answer the question, how good is the beer?  If one style was good, but the others were bad, that can impact the score.  Being “true to style” is also a consideration here.

For “Service,” There are some basic expectations…  being greeted, appreciating the patronage, not waiting to pay.  Anyone serving beer should know their beer.  And please know how to pour a proper beer.

A “+1” if I would go back.  This can be driven by any number of things – stellar beer or great food or ideal location.  If I’m confident I’ll be back, I award a +1.

Special Award

Each brewery also earns a “special award” to recognize the effort.  Yes, everybody wins.  Every brewery on the Trail has something to celebrate, and I want to call that out for each of them.  Every place on the Trail is somebody’s favorite – I have no doubt about that.

Final note… The craft beer scene in central Ohio is continuing to blow up right now.  New places continue to sprout up, with a seemingly infinite array of styles.  This is a special time if you’re into craft beer, and it’s hard to imagine a better place to experience it than  Columbus, Ohio!  So if you’re here, get out and experience it!  BIG thanks again to the creators of the Columbus Ale Trail and to all of the participating breweries for this adventure!

The links to the left (or at the very bottom, if you’re on your mobile) have my admittedly very biased “reviews” of each stop on the Columbus Ale Trail, in the order I visited each of them… Again, everybody wins.  Prost!

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