Buckeye Lake 2017-2018


Score: 6

Award: Best Price for a Flight (my ranking: #24)

Atmosphere: 2 – We drove from Actual to Buckeye Lake – about 30 minutes.  Buckeye Lake Brewing is decent.  They have ample seating, and it’s right next to Buckeye Lake.  They have decent seating at the bar, several tables, booths, and a fair bit of seating outside.  They had a food truck on this day as well.  They also have free popcorn.

Beer: 2 – I love their flights – it’s a cool tray, and there are eight 4 oz pours!  For less than $8.  Awesome.  That being said, the beer here was better last year.  This time my flight consisted of: 1) Blue Goose Cream Ale, 2) Irish Red, 3) Oatmeal Stout, 4) Pontoon Pale Ale, 5) ESB, 6) Buffalo Lick Session Rye IPA, 7) Legend Valley, IPA, and 8) Shovelhead 2IPA.  The cream ale was OK.  The Irish Red had a flaw – a strong solvent taste – most likely from fermenting too hot (this makes me nervous as I have a Saison fermenting right now that has very possibly fermented too hot… and I may have made 5 gallons of paint thinner – I really hope not!).  The oatmeal stout and the pale were OK.  The Rye was good – my favorite of the flight, and the only one I would consider ordering a full pint of.  The IPA’s were average east coast style IPA’s – not my favorites.

Service: 2 – average.

Would I go back? – I wouldn’t make a trip for this.  Last year it seemed better.  If I lived close, though, I’d hit this place up.  Two stops in on my trip today, and sIMG_5490o far, my repeat trip of last year wasn’t faring so well.

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