Brewdog 2017-2018


Score: 6

Award: Surprise Fries, (my ranking: #23)

Atmosphere: 2.  Massive.  This place is massive.  It’s literally overwhelming.  I kept telling myself… this is in Canal Winchester.  It’s crazy.  And it’s a nice place.  A nice, massive, place.  Did I say it’s massive?  Now, it’s important to note, Brewdog isn’t new to this.  Sure, this is their first US location, but check out all their locations on the interweb, and you’ll see 46.  Forty-six.  Yes, they’ve been doing this a while, and they’re good, but they should be, they’ve had lots of practice.  And if you’ve read my earlier posts, you know how I feel about big corporate chains on my local ale trail.  So I feel like the “2” is actually generous.  They have an interesting food menu.  Among other things, we ordered the loaded fries… which had chopped kimchi as one of the ingredients.  Sounds really, really odd, right?  It was stellar.  Couldn’t believe how good the fries were!

Beer: 2.  The 2 is harsh (but it’s a chain) because the beer was excellent.  I had an amber which was really decent.  Then I had the “Jet Black Heart.  Outstanding, very sessionable brew.  Extremely smooth like Guinness in Ireland, but more chocolatey.  Really, really good.  Then I had a very boozy imperial stout, and finished with a guest tap sour – Cascade’s fuzzy navel.  All of these were very good.

Service: 2.  Slow to start.  We were seated quickly, and we were engaged quickly, but it took a while for that flight.  After that, things started moving along.

Would I go back? – Probably not.  I’ve seen it.  It’s massive.  And it’s a chain.


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