Barley’s 2017-2018


Score: 6

Award: Best “Rule” validation, (my ranking: #25)

Atmosphere: 2 – Barley’s is in a cool old building, and it has a nice historical feel to it.  The bar is cool, and the old booths are also cool.

Beer: 2 – I enjoyed a well-done Rye Pale Ale.  Typically I go with a flight, but last year, I was very disappointed with the majority of my flight here.  So I decided to just go with one beer this time.  The Rye was good, true to style, very enjoyable.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.  Next time, I’ll try a flight.

Service: 2 – service was good, and it validated one of my “rules.”  Once upon a time (when I was in college… at THE Idaho State University… chuckle, chuckle), I tended bar.  It was a small bar – only 4 employees.  I had to work really hard just to get the job because the owner wanted to hire a girl.  There was already one guy working, and he didn’t want another guy… he wanted more girls, specifically girls who were flirty.  What I learned working there was that a guy has to work twice as hard to get good tips.  We had to be on top of everything, whereas, the girls would just flirt and talk sweet and get tipped out more.  When I went to Barley’s a year ago, I sat at a table and the server (female) was less than attentive.  I sat at the bar this time, and the bartender (a guy) was all over it.  He was working the bar and taking care of everyone while the other servers (3 girls) were just bullshitting and hanging out. Validates the rule.  Just sayin’,

Would I go back? – Maybe.  IF there’s another Ale Trail with a decent incentive, I’d hit it again.

Barleys 2017

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